Printing: It is the heart of production

With the advantage of using state-of-the-art printing machines
with resolution up to 175lpi and in simultaneous and continuous connection
to Paperpack's MIS system, all artworks are imprinted in their entirety.
The crews of the printing machines are highly trained teams
with an expanded inter-company training program and with full knowledge
of the productive features and procedures required to complete each task with the desired result.


In detail:

  • Capability of twin varnishing units
  • Use of flexoplates for varnish printing
  • Capability of printing both conventional and UV inks
  • Color management software and CTP connection to printing machines for automated adjustment of color densities during setup
  • Console colorimeters and color pilot with automated color correction and stabilization during production
  • Modern handheld colorimeters
  • Specialized weight gauges for color recipes
  • Coin reactive inks etc
  • Spot UV
  • Special varnishes (Soft touch, Relief, Blister)
  • Capability of printing on substrate of thickness from 0,04μm to 1mm
  • Capability of printing on plasticized and metallized surfaces