CODE: Κ4-01-027

                                                                                                Kifissia 16/05/2019


 paperpack company SA in accordance with the provisions of paragraph of the Athens Exchange Rulebook, announces to its shareholders in accordance with resolution of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders on 14 may 2019, the dividend distribution amount 0,1500 euro per share of profit for the year 2018.

 The net dividend per share, minus dividends tax 10% you will receive each shareholder, amounts to 0,1350  euro per share. From the Thursday 6th  June  2019 the company's shares will be traded on the Athens Exchange without the right to dividend 2018 (cutoff date for participation in the dividend entitlement). Beneficiaries of the dividend are registered in the files of the dematerialized securities System (DSS.) who manages the "Greek central securities depository joint-stock company" Friday 7th  June 2019 (record date). The dividend will be paid on Wednesday 12th  June 2019 through Piraeus Bank S.A.. as follows: (i) Through the operators of securities accounts in DSS. those shareholders, who have been authorized to collect dividends their operators. (ii) Through the network of shops of Piraeus Bank s.a.. shareholders who have requested the non-collection of dividends from their operator or revoke such authorisation to their operator or their collection is not made possible by the operator or whose shares are kept in a special account of the ATHEX CSD. (iii) With deposit in international bank account number (IBAN), where the investor has indicated that it wishes to receive the distributed amounts in accordance with article 13 the Regulations s. a. T. and the Ministry' REF #. 6 decision of Board. of ATHEXCSD, as applicable, for investors who do not wish to receive through their operators. Αφορά only επενδυτές που έχουν δηλώσει ΙΒΑΝ στην πληρώτρια Τράπεζα «Τράπεζα Πειραιώς a.e.». For the collection of dividends from the stores it will be necessary to produce identity card. Dividends not collected within five (5) years barred in favour of the Greek State. For more information kindly Mr. shareholders να επικοινωνούν με the Διεύθυνση Θεματοφυλακής Θεσμικών Επενδυτών of Τράπεζας Πειραιώς a.e., at Papada 4, 11525, Athens, Tel. 210 – 3288747. Download here the pdf