In a long course of 129 years

many have changed. A series of events has contributed

to our current structure. But some things remain unchanged

over time, like our passion for creating unique packaging solutions.



In 1891 Giannis P. Tsoukaridis created a

small family printing house named "Melissa" in Smyrna


In 1922, due to the persecution of the Greeks, the unit

was transferred to the center of Athens


In 1947 (civil war) the unit was destroyed and

Peter G. Tsoukaridis started it from the beginning


In 1973 Giannis P. Tsoukaridis begins his career

in the 90sm premises in the center of Athens


In 1976 the activities were transferred to a

building of 3.000sqm in Peristeri Athens


In 1998 the activities were transferred to a

building of 5.000sqm in Metamorfosi Athens


In 1999 acquisition of Leonardos SA (followed

by merger in 2001)

2000 In 2000 the company entered the ASE

Factory consolidation in 15,000sqm buildings

in 2006 in Kifissia Athens

2015 In 2015, the company became a leader in the industry

In 2018, the company completed a 5-year

investment plan of € 7.3m.