Shareholder Composition

The Company’s share capital stands at 1.185.927 €, divided into 3.953.090 common registered shares with the face value of € 0,30 each.

The Company’s shareholders structure as of 04.04.2018 was as follows:

John Tsoukaridis
Investors 1.268.105 32,08
TOTAL 3.953.090 100,00

No other member . of the Company’s BoD and/ or Director holds shares higher than or equal to 3% 3% of all Company shares.

The company 25 October 2016 with the Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders dated 25 October 2016, decided to approve the program for the purchase of own shares of the company during the next 24-months period, setting the maximum and minimum purchase price and assigning the Board of Directors with the implementation of the program.. Until now, no own shares have been purchased and no shares are held by the company or its associates or its subsidiaries..