Board of Directors

The Board of Directors as constituted by the 15.05.2019 practical of the bofm. according to a decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders on 14.05.2019, It is a three-year term expiring on 30th June 2022 , and consists of the following:

John Tsoukaridis Chairman & Managing Director Executive member
Korina Fasouli Vice-Chairman Non-executive member
Julianna Tsoukaridi Deputy Ceo Executive member
Nikolaos Zetos Deputy Ceo Executive member
Dimitrios Antonakos Member Independent and non-Executive Member
Titos Vasilopoulos Member Independent and non-Executive Member
Lambros Fragos Member Non-executive member
Sami David Member Non-executive member
Dimitrios Ladopoulos Member Non-executive member