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Announcement of regulated information according to law 3556/2007 – Transaction Liable Person

CODE: K 4-01-047

Kifisia 21/05/2019

TOPIC: Announcement of regulated information according to the law 3556/2007 – Transaction liable person

Disclosed, According to the law 3556/2007 and article 19 of Regulation 596/2014, that Mr. John Tsoykaridis President & Ceo of the Board of Directors of the PAPERPACK SA («company»), made at 20.05.2019 in the market 13.530 issuing common shares of the company, total value 47.084,40 500 or value 3,4800 euro per share.

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Notice of dividend Entitlement and payment Cutoff Dividend

CODE: Κ4-01-027

Original text (Greek - Ελληνικά)Translate to Kifissia 16/05/2019


PAPERPACK company SA in accordance with the provisions of paragraph of the Athens Exchange Rulebook, announces to its shareholders in accordance with resolution of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders on 14 may 2019, the dividend distribution amount 0,1500 euro per share of profit for the year 2018.

The net dividend per share, minus dividends tax 10% you will receive each shareholder, amounts in 0.1350 euro per share. More…


Announcement Board composition


Announcement Board composition

The company PAPERPACK Α.Β.Ε.Ε. disclose the following:

The Board of Directors of "PEΪPERPAK KYTIOPOIΪAS EKTYPWSEWS INDUSTRIAL COMPANY and EIDON CHARTINIS SYSKEYASIAS», whose members were elected by the annual general meeting of shareholders 14th  Μαίου 2019 and meets the requirements of l. 3016 as amended and valid, formed in the body by 15 Μαΐου 2019 meeting, as follows: May More…


Resolutions Of The Ordinary General Meeting


Decisions of the Annual General Meeting

The company PAPERPACK Α.Β.Ε.Ε. disclose the following:

On 14th May 2019, Tuesday at 11:00 am. took place at the Company's headquarters in Kifissia, Attica, on the road Viltanioti 24, The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. In the meeting attended in person or by proxy nine shareholders, sold shares representing 79,32% of all Company shares, i.e. 3.135.659 common registered shares with voting rights of members of all 3.953.090 common shares with voting, divided the total capital of the company.


Having gathered the information required by law and the Company's quorum and majority, the General Assembly voted in favor of all agenda items as follows: More…


Invitation to the Annual General Meeting


The annual general meeting of the shareholders of the public limited company with the name "PAPERPACK PRINTING, BOX MANUFACTURING AND PAPER PACKAGING GOODS INDUSTRIAL SOCIETE ANONYME”, Original text (Greek - Ελληνικά)Translate to. "PAPERPACK Α.Β.Ε.Ε."

Number of G.E.MI. 004465901000 (AR.M.A.E. 35197/06/B/ 96/101).

In accordance with the law and the statutes of the company, the Board's decision taken at its meeting held on Thursday 18 April 2019, Calls Messrs. Shareholders of the company in General Meeting May 14th 2019, third day and time 11.00 am. at the offices of the company's headquarters in Kifisia Attica, on the road Viltanioti 24, in order to discuss and take decisions on the following issues agenda. More…